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2018 Commercial design trends

The commercial design trends of 2018 look very promising. If you are searching for some good interior design trends to implement into your commercial business, then you should see some of the interesting designs coming out from Austin, Texas. They are always displaying some unusual and exciting trends that get everybody talking. Fortunately, your business doesn’t need to be based in Austin for you to take advantage of their trending designs. In fact, if you incorporate these designs into a commercial building in another city, then perhaps you can start a new design trend there too.

Metallic Elements

Forget about wood and synthetic materials. People are finding a new liking for some classic materials, such as rose gold, brass, and silver. If you have a commercial office, then you could make a lot of interesting changes to its design with these materials. For instance, you could install a metal bookshelf which has hints of gold or silver around the edges. On the walls, you could cover them with tin tiles to really give them a technical look. Business owners are fascinated with the idea of mixing metals in their interior design spaces to create a look that has never been done before. Bronze fixtures can be installed to create a nice glossy shine or sparkle whenever someone walks by them. The shinier and brighter you can make your materials and fixtures, the more attractive they will be.


Velvet is a fabric that is closely woven to give it a soft feeling and attractive look. You could find velvet made from nylon, silk, or cotton. As the current trend goes, it seems like velvet is being used more to add texture and class to the offices and/or rooms of a commercial facility. You can incorporate velvet into your upholstered chairs or other furniture. If you are running a hotel or have some reason to provide pillows to customers, then use velvet for the pillows too. It will feel soft and cozy to anyone who uses them.


Marble seems like it will never go out of style. People often associate this material with the countertops that you find in homes. However, marble is still just as suitable to use for the countertops, ceilings, and/or flooring of commercial kitchens, offices, and bathrooms. It is such a sleek and attractive material that can make any space look appealing. That is why when most people see a marble-based surface, they can’t help but touch and admire it. It is a material that can be used in any room for almost any purpose. So, if you are having trouble coming up with ideas for which materials to use, always fall back on marble as an easy choice.


People have never been more environmentally friendly and conscious than they are right now. The green colors of plants are attractive to the eye and people cannot help but admire them. Commercial interior designs are incorporating more potted plants in their rooms to give them a more natural look. That way, the interior environment doesn’t look like just another boring office or store to people.

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