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Lighting in commercial design – the importance of it and the different functions

You could have the best looking interior design in the world, but it won’t matter if you don’t have the proper lighting to give it some good appeal. Commercial businesses which have basic or minimal lighting will often be viewed as dark and depressing. Restaurants might be one exception to this rule if you are creating a romantic type of atmosphere. But in all other cases, you will want to have the proper amount of lighting to highlight all the main features of the interior. If you are selling products which are displayed on the wall, you should have lighting on each shelf to lighten them up more. This will make the products’ colors, textures, and shapes stand out more to the consumers who pass by them.

LED Lighting

Light-emitting diode lighting technology is almost expected inside of a commercial setting whenever a customer walks through the door. It does a better job of brightening a room without irritating your eyes if you happen to look directly at it. You can use LED lighting in virtually any type of commercial setting and it will be more than adequate as a light source. As a business owner, it will save you money on your power bill too. You won’t even need to change their light bulbs as frequently either since they will last longer. It is a win-win situation all around.

Interactive Lighting

The newest trend in commercial design lighting is called interactive lighting. This is the type of lighting which automatically alters its brightness level to accommodate the time of day that it is. This can come in handy if you want your lights to automatically become brighter at nighttime and then dim during the daylight hours. That way, you are not relying on your employees to manually adjust the brightness level because they may often forget to do so. Also, interactive lighting can change its brightness according to a specific activity that is performed. For example, if you have dressing rooms and you only want the lights to turn on when someone is in there, then you could activate the lighting for that purpose too.


Do not forget to design your interior with security lights too. If your commercial facility has backrooms or lounging areas where employees like to go, these need to be adequately brightened with lights. Otherwise, they are susceptible to tripping on the floor or possibly being attacked by someone whom they can’t see very well. Some business owners like to use motion sensory lighting so that the lights will only turn on if someone enters the area. This is another form of interactive lighting that can be incorporated into security lighting.

Lighting Fixtures

Pay attention to the lighting fixtures that you are using in your commercial building. This is where the interior design aspect of lighting truly comes into play. Light fixtures tend to have their own appeal to them because they are either sticking down from the ceiling or on the side of the wall somewhere. Avoid using a dull frame for the fixture which only shows the light bulb. Try to use a frame that is a little more exciting and visually appealing.

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