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Feng Shui in Interior Design

Business owners often wonder what the best interior design is for a modern storefront. After all, the features and styles of interior designs are changing rapidly. Businesses need to keep up with those changes so that they can successfully attract the average consumer. There is a new trend in interior design which is actually an older concept. It is called “Feng Shui,” which is a Chinese term that refers to the ancient philosophy of creating harmony and positive energy within an environment.

An expert in Feng Shui will fill a space with the right objects and colors in order to satisfy the five astrological elements; wood, metal, earth, fire, and water. Once these elements are harmonized within the same space, anyone in this space will be overwhelmed with a feeling of positive energy and delight. This is an interior designer’s dream.


Feng Shui has been around for many thousands of years. It was an environmental philosophy which some people believe had originated in India about 6,000 years ago. Although, the physical evidence that was discovered suggests that the ancient Chinese were the first to use it about 2,000 years ago. Back then, the main purpose of Feng Shui was for designing the layouts of various towns and cities. It wasn’t so much used for interior design as it was for exterior design. It wasn’t until many centuries later when Feng Shui began to be used for the interior of buildings. This was the birth of fashion in interior design.

The philosophy of Feng Shui promotes the idea of incorporating each of the 5 astrological elements into a particular location in a harmonious way. They could be incorporated into any environment, whether it is an entire building or one small room within the building. The way you harmonize these 5 elements is by choosing the right colors, decorations, and furniture. If you can do this properly so that the visual appeal is the best it can be, then you will have a balance of energy within that environment. This energy is known to the Chinese as “Qi.” Modern Chinese seek a balance of Qi energy in all their interior design work. Western interior designers seem to have caught on to this trend and are just finally starting to learn about the power of Feng Shui.


The way space gets evaluated is through a series of ancient tools, one of which is an energy map called Bagua. Each area within a given space is represented by an ancient symbol that is outlined on the map. These areas are supposed to represent different things about someone’s life, such as their job, marriage, habits, and so on. There is a special compass in Feng Shui which can measure these areas to determine the person’s situation in life. Based on what it discovers, the Feng Shui expert will know how to modify the areas of the space accordingly to bring about a balance of Qi energy in there. This may be difficult for a Westerner to understand, but they will understand more after they experience the transformation which Feng Shui will provide to their interior design.

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