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Sustainable materials in commercial interior design

Sustainable materials in commercial interior design are used because they are durable and long-lasting. If you are installing flooring or carpeting in any room in your facility, you obviously don’t want this flooring or carpeting to become ruined after a short time. Since you are constantly going to have people walking over it, this will likely be the case. You certainly cannot use the same flooring materials that you would use in a residential house because those materials are not normally subjected to the same kinds of pressure that commercial flooring goes through. You need chemically formulated flooring materials that can withstand the daily stresses that you place on it from people, heavy objects, and so on.

Chemicals can give sustainability to virtually any element of interior design. Aside from flooring and carpeting, chemicals can be used to create furniture, countertops, light fixtures, paints, and so on. If you have an existing commercial building which is still using natural materials that are now fading away, you can upgrade these materials with synthetic ones. All you need to do is hire the right interior designer who understands the need to use sustainable materials inside commercial buildings.

LED Lighting

Interior designs should include bright lights which have a long lifespan. You will rarely find any commercial buildings these days which are still using halogen light bulbs. This form of lighting consumes more electricity and they often wear out rather quickly. When you are running a commercial business, you need sustainable lighting that is long lasting, highly durable, and will save you money on your power bill in the process. LED lighting can provide you with all these benefits and more.

Epoxy Resins

Virtually all countertops, walls, fixtures, and other hard structures in a commercial building will be coated with some type of epoxy resin to keep them durable. Epoxy resins are normally found in flooring materials, sealers, primers, finishes, paints, plastics, tiles, and adhesives. These epoxy resins are formulated through a combination of two chemical compounds that are placed together to form a durable thermoset plastic. This can modify any hard material to become chemically resistant, stronger, durable, and longer lasting. These are all the elements that make up a truly sustainable material.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tiling is different than standard tiling. In fact, the two biggest differences with luxury vinyl tiling are its durability and aesthetics. They are made to be stain resistant so that dirt or liquids which make contact with the material can be easily cleaned away. As for the interior design aspect of them, you can find luxury vinyl tiles with patterns for any type of flooring surface that you want to create. If you want to make your flooring look like wooden planks, you can find vinyl tile designs that look like this. Meanwhile, you are still getting more sustainability from the vinyl than you would get from true wooden flooring. This is the brilliance of vinyl and why most commercial facilities should consider using it.

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